Save up to 70% compared to dental implants at home


Dental Implants Cost in Costa Rica

Save up to 70% compared to dental implants at home

How much do dental implants cost in Costa Rica?

The average price for a single dental implant in USA, Canada & Costa Rica

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Save up to 70% compared to treatment at home

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dental implants Pricing facts and figures

You might be surprised how affordable dental implants are compared to other tooth replacement options, especially when you take into account long-term cost effectiveness and quality of life.

The total cost depends on several different factors, including how many teeth need replacing and where they’re located, the number and type of implants, and whether any additional procedures are necessary to prepare your mouth for the implants.

Since dental implant treatments are customized for your specific needs, the costs vary accordingly.

An evaluation by our experienced dental implants experts is the best way to ensure that you are getting an accurate cost estimate for quality work.

Costa Rica Dental Implants Cost
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Save up to 70% compared to treatment at home

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The true cost of alternatives

At first glance, dentures or removable bridges can appear much less expensive than dental implants, given their lower upfront costs. However, the full cost – both financial and emotional – of these options can run much higher than dental implants, for several reasons:

  • Initial costs versus total costs. The initial price you pay doesn’t include the cost of replacing your dentures or bridges, which may be necessary as often as every 5 to 15 years. It also doesn’t include the ongoing maintenance costs, such as fixatives and adhesives.
  • The convenience costs. Unlike your natural teeth or dental implants, you need to remove your dentures to soak and brush them, which can be a time-consuming hassle.
  • The health costs. Without a tooth or implant, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate, which can change your facial appearance.
  • The social costs. Dentures can slip or click when you chew, laugh, talk or kiss.

From a purely financial perspective, dental implants are cost-competitive with other tooth replacement options over the long term. And when you also factor in quality of life and long-term oral health, dental implants clearly rank as the higher-value alternative.

Costa Rica Dental Implants Cost

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