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Costa Rica

Why Choose Costa Rica as a Medical Tourism Destination?

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The global health tourism industry has grown significantly despite a lack of substantial publicity or marketing.


To this effect, Costa Rica is the leading destination in the Americas for medical tourists and visitors seeking quality and affordable treatment options; there are several reasons why this country enjoys this status, and the most important is because several professionals associated with this industry strive to keep it that way.


Medical tourism will certainly continue to flourish in Costa Rica thanks to word-of-mouth marketing growth. It’s natural for a patient who receives quality health care at an affordable price to talk about his or her experience with their friends and loved ones. In fact, this is the way medical tourism began in Costa Rica.

These days, health care tourists who have Costa Rica in mind can plan their evaluations, treatments and recovery periods way in advance. This was not the case prior to the 21st century.


Back then, tourists who came here for recreational purposes would find out about the quality and affordable care if they needed acute care during their vacation, or by speaking with one of the numerous expats who have made Costa Rica their new home.


Before long, North American and Europeans who came here on vacation woulds set aside a day or two for dental procedures, eye exams, hearing tests, general health checkups, or to purchase medications and medical supplies.

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