Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Are dental implants right for you?

Many options exist to replace missing teeth but only one – dental implants – can provide the feel, function and appearance of natural teeth.

3 Questions about Your Smile

  1. Do you want the most natural-looking smile? A implant feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth. Other options may interfere with your normal everyday eating, smiling, and speaking.
  2. Do you want a hassle-free smile? Implants allow you to bite naturally, eat virtually anything you want, and brush your teeth normally. Dentures can feel uncomfortable when eating, restrict your food choices, and need to be removed for cleaning.
  3. Do you want a smile that won’t embarrass you?. Implants are fixed in place, so they won’t move, click or shift, giving you confidence in your smile. Dentures may slip when eating, talking or even laughing, which isn’t so funny.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, statistics show that nearly 70% of adults aged 35 to 44 years in the United States have at least one missing tooth due to an accident, tooth decay, gum disease, or dental fractures.

But there’s no need to go through life with missing teeth. These days, many good alternatives are available. Dental implants and dentures are the most common options. Dentures are false teeth, and although their quality has improved, they’re not ideal for everyone. If not secured with denture adhesive, dentures might slip out of place while eating or speaking, which is embarrassing, and partial dentures might promote infection and decay in other teeth if they aren’t fitted properly, which may increase the risk that you would need a tooth filling on the abutment (adjoining) tooth. That said, dentures may be the best choice for people whose gums and jaw are weak or unhealthy.

If you are missing teeth and your gums and jaw are healthy, you may benefit from dental implants, which are replacement teeth that are implanted surgically into the jawbone. With good oral hygiene, dental implants can last for 20 years or more without the need for replacement. Dental implants are often a popular choice for people who have only one or two teeth missing, but they can be an alternative to dentures if you have several missing teeth. As long as your gums and jaw are healthy, two or more implants can serve as a base of support for several replacement teeth.

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