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Ever wonder why most people have to go to two or sometimes even three different offices to have their dental implant treatment done? Why does one dentist have to provide the surgical part of the treatment, another provides the prosthetic and another the tooth replacement part of treatment?

It can be confusing at times, and is more expensive and inconvenient than it has to be.

Why go to multiple offices for dental implants when you can go to just one?

We are the only All-In-One Dental Implants Center in Costa Rica

Our specialisation

Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to be a reliable, stable, and natural-looking restorative solution

Permanent Missing Teeth Solutions

Healthy teeth not only make you feel attractive, but they are crucial for performing everyday activities like eating an apple,smiling, speaking, and kissing. With one or several missing teeth, you may experience significant psychological and functional discomfort.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover generally combines several cosmetic dentistry techniques to focus most prominently on improving the appearance of your smile

Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile makeover generally combines several cosmetic dentistry techniques to focus most prominently on improving the appearance of your smile

Our patients comes from

USA 65%
Canada 20%
Caribbean 10%
Other countries 5%

9 Reasons to Choose Us

International Accreditation

Our dental center in Costa Rica was the first internationally accredited in Costa Rica by the AAAASF in 2009.


Our dental implants center is focus exclusively on implant dentistry and have assembled all the necessary experts and elements needed for successful treatment under one roof.

Promotions & Offers

Take advantage of our special services and promotions such as free nights, free transportation, discounts in tours, etc

Made in The USA

Our implants are so well-engineered and efficiently manufactured by OCO Biomedical Inc., in the USA.

Custom made packages

Get the best of Costa Rica combining your dental with travel services according with your needs & budget

Lifetime Warranty

For your piece of mind, all of our dental treatments and works are covered by a written lifetime warranty

Only Two Weeks

One Single Trip, Two Weeks. In only 11 days, you’re going to transform your smile and your life forever!

Superior Dental Implants

Latest Dental Implants, Same-Day, Non-Invasive Surgery, Flapless & Painless procedure

Impressive Success rate

All of our OCO Biomedical’s implants have an unchallenged reported success rate (greater than 99%) since 2002.


  • Thank you staff at New Smile for your expert and efficient care. Everyone was so pleasant and we appreciated the open and informative consultation with both the dentist and the hygienist. It was delightful to visit the beautiful office.
    Dave Howard
  • You have the best dental office I know, the staff is always smiling and they all seem so genuinely happy it makes everything very nice when we come to each appointment. Thanks
    Barbara Olson
  • From the receptionist, the hygienist, to the dentist there is a high degree of professionalism exhibited throughout the staff.
    Misty Ford
  • I contacted and had my dental work done in the clinic… couldn’t be happier. For the length of time and the cost of the full mouth crown and bridges it saved me more money then I could ever believe.
    William Lorek

You can save from 50% – 75% on your dental treatment in Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rica, Save Thousands of Dollars & Rediscover the Pleasure of Smiling Again

Accreditation, Membership & Partnership

OCO Biomedical
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